Milo Wins First Writing Award for MOC Branson Destination Contest

By Ryan Miloshewski Recently, Kyle Stewart, co-executive director of the Missouri Outdoor Communicators, informed me I had won an award in the annual destination writing contest for the 2015 MOC Conference in Branson, MO. This is my first award pertaining to writing and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! The article,…

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Mahoney Outdoors Podcast Episode 4

Hey everyone! Check out the latest episode of the Mahoney Outdoors Podcast! Episode 4 is now available by clicking below! Mahoney Outdoors Podcast Episode 4 In this episode, Tyler and Ryan discuss early season dove hunting, the Under Armour controversy, a float trip down the Gasconade River, and some early…

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Whitetail Weekly with Ryan Miloshewski: September 19th-We’re Back!

By Ryan Miloshewski How does it feel, being back in a tree? I’ve certainly missed the feeling of being behind a bow 18 feet up! Deer season in Missouri and Kansas is finally underway, thus beginning the months-long quest for a mature whitetail buck. In this edition of Whitetail Weekly,…

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Fishing on the Gasconade River

I spent the September 11th weekend in Waynesville, MO for the annual Missouri Outdoor Communicators Conference. We had the opportunity to float down the Gasconade River most of Sunday and do some fishing. The scenery was spectacular. Dramatic turns in the river opened up to long stretches where you could see far down the banks. Tall Ozark mountains could be seen in all directions around the river, creating scenic backgrounds you envision while reading a book. Other than our group, we saw maybe 4 or 5 other crafts on the water. The float was quite peaceful. I was excited to see all the structure available for the fish and we sure caught a lot of them. Throughout the day, we caught five species including largemouth, kentucky, smallmouth, goggleye, and sunfish.

Snake in the Rocky Mountains

You see a lot of wild things when you’re off the grid in the Rocky Mountains, but one day Tony Caldarello found something he never expected to see high in the mountains – a snake! Being the adventurous person he is, he obviously had to pick it up and get a quick picture with it. Check out the scenery where he’s at! The landscape around Budge’s Flattops Wilderness Lodge can’t be put into words.

Mule Deer Visits the Horses

The last two falls, I spent a week with Tony Caldarello up in the Rocky Mountains completely off the grid. Tony used to be an elk guide at Budge’s Flattops Wilderness Lodge for many years in the middle of the White River National Forest, but he is now retired. I was very fortunate he brought me along because it allowed me to witness many incredible things. I took this video coming back from a hike with Tate Caldarello. A mule deer doe just casually ate from the horse feed right along with the horses as Tate tried to walk up to her.

A Stand Against Under Armour

If you follow news related to hunting and fishing, then you’ve probably heard about the latest controversy involving Under Armour. If not, everything below will help fill you in. I’m going to share with you several links to articles about the incident so you can see both sides of the…

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Buck of a Lifetime

You see fleeting glimpses of antlers coming at you through the woods. It looks big, bigger than anything you’ve ever seen. The footsteps get louder. You know he’s in bow range now, but you still can’t see him. All you hear is the mix of your heartbeat pounding in your…

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Whitetail Weekly with Ryan Miloshewski: Preseason 2016

By Ryan Miloshewski It sure feels good to be back! After a year-long hiatus due to not being able to hunt, I am back and ready to roll with “Whitetail Weekly.” Thanks to my longtime friend, and now roommate, Caleb Phillippi, I am able to get back at it this…

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