Deer Deformity: No Tail

Deer Deformity

Our hunting buddy, Don Robinson, was sitting in the clubhouse at MahoneyHQ on opening weekend of Missouri rifle season this year. He anxiously waited for a shooter buck to appear. As he sat in the blind overlooking the clover field and warm season grasses, young bucks and does began to filter in from the surrounding timber. The sun rose above the trees when one deer caught his eye. With binoculars raised, Donnie watched as the small buck harassed does in the field. The behavior was normal for this time of year, but there was something peculiar about the buck. He had no tail!

When he returned from the stand for lunch he told us about his encounter with the strange deer deformity. We mostly thought it was funny and didn’t believe him much. Since I had killed a buck on opening morning, I decided I would sit with him the next day. It didn’t take long into the morning to see Donnie hadn’t been telling a tall tale!

We aren’t sure what caused this weird phenomenon, but it will be easy to keep track of this guy over the coming years!

What’s the weirdest deer deformity you’ve ever seen? Be sure to share with us here or on social media! And don’t forget to check out another deformity we captured on camera – a potentially two-headed turkey!

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Deer Calling – Loud Buck Grunts

Video: Loud Buck Grunts

We had an awesome deer season this year down at MahoneyHQ! As always, it never disappoints. However, I don’t think we have ever captured as much unique footage as we did this year! This video is one of my favorites. On the second morning of Missouri’s rifle season, I sat in the clubhouse stand with our good friend Donnie Robinson. Not only did we see a ton of deer, but we saw this awesome buck rutting hard as he followed a doe closely. Have you ever seen loud buck grunts like this while deer hunting? Listen closely!

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