Change is Coming: 2016-2017 Missouri Deer Season Regulation Updates

By Ryan Miloshewski Change is coming to Missouri Deer Season! This week the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) unveiled a list of changes to deer season next fall, confirming what we all knew would happen. These changes have been a hot button issue since February when they were first introduced. Open houses…

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Elite Hunter Series: Harvesting Mature Bucks

Consistently taking mature bucks out of your hunting area is not an accident. Hours of work and planning go into it. Recently, we  learned our focus on quality deer management to grow older and bigger bucks puts us into a seemingly minority group of hunters. The deer hunting community is definitely…

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I Guess I’m an Elitist

I always thought the deer hunting community was an inclusive one that stuck together. However, I recently found out by accident I’m actually on the outside looking in. I came to this revelation when the Outdoor Channel shared a photo on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts that I had…

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Native Deer Habitat Improvement Tips

Native Deer Habitat Improvement

We always hear about the benefits of food plots for deer. They’re great at attracting deer to your area. Food plots are perhaps the most popular topic in deer management. But Shannon Tyree, veteran habitat engineer and avid deer hunter, has some awesome tips you might not have thought about. He likes to focus on native deer habitat improvement. Improving the native habitat can be equally effective in attracting and holding more deer.

Want to learn more about Shannon Tyree or inquire about a habitat assessment for your land? Be sure to visit his company’s website:

You don’t always hear about these kinds of tips to improve your deer herd! Enjoy!

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