Are you ready to be an Elite Hunter?

The Elite Hunter Series is focused on helping you understand the necessary steps for killing big, mature bucks in the area you hunt, no matter how big or small. A majority of it applies to private land and leases, but some will apply to public land hunting as well. This process isn’t for the faint of heart or the casual hunter. It’s for those people who are serious about taking deer that will have others standing in awe as they look up at your wall. Some will be jealous, but many will be asking, “how on earth do you do it?”

It takes dedication and discipline.

Killing big bucks requires hard work and focus all year long. You must be ready to spend countless hours in preparation months in advance of deer season. It will require you to sacrifice free time you could have spent doing something else you enjoy. You will need to generate buy-in from other immediate family members and friends who also hunt the area. And just like any other form of entertainment, it will require that you put your financial resources towards it as well. Most importantly, it is a constant learning process. Never stop educating yourself. Be sure to consistently keep records of your process and observations throughout the year. It will help you to improve your methods and become a much more effective hunter and deer manager in the future.

In addition to dedication, you must have the discipline to execute the process. That means you must not deviate from your plan. No exceptions. Big bucks don’t get old by being stupid. One slip up can educate them for the rest of their life.

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For example, you must eliminate unnecessary activities from your area. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy outdoor recreation in your area throughout the year like fishing or hunting for other small game. It just means you need to take all precautions to reduce unnecessary pressure.

One thing I often hear of many landowners is there love for riding ATVs and other vehicles all over the property throughout the year. But when deer season rolls around they complain about not seeing very many deer, let along big bucks. News flash…tearing around in loud vehicles around your area all year does not make deer feel comfortable or safe. It is an unnatural pressure that pushes deer out of the area. It might be fun to ride four-wheelers around in the mud, but it usually means trading away any likely chance at a big buck. You typically can’t have both.

When you have the chance to avoid using vehicles or heavy machinery, do it. Walk to your areas whenever possible. A little more exercise never hurt you anyway. Reducing human pressure in this way will make your land the go to destination for deer and big bucks when all of your neighbors are being careless. Reducing human pressure is the key.

Simply put, this endeavor is a lifestyle choice you must be ready to make. So it’s time to ask yourself if you’re ready to take the leap. Do you have the dedication and discipline?

Are you ready to be an Elite Hunter?


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