Fishing on the Gasconade River

I spent the September 11th weekend in Waynesville, MO for the annual Missouri Outdoor Communicators Conference. We had the opportunity to float down the Gasconade River most of Sunday and do some fishing. The scenery was spectacular. Dramatic turns in the river opened up to long stretches where you could see far down the banks. Tall Ozark mountains could be seen in all directions around the river, creating scenic backgrounds you envision while reading a book. Other than our group, we saw maybe 4 or 5 other crafts on the water. The float was quite peaceful. I was excited to see all the structure available for the fish and we sure caught a lot of them. Throughout the day, we caught five species including largemouth, kentucky, smallmouth, goggleye, and sunfish.

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Mule Deer Visits the Horses

The last two falls, I spent a week with Tony Caldarello up in the Rocky Mountains completely off the grid. Tony used to be an elk guide at Budge’s Flattops Wilderness Lodge for many years in the middle of the White River National Forest, but he is now retired. I was very fortunate he brought me along because it allowed me to witness many incredible things. I took this video coming back from a hike with Tate Caldarello. A mule deer doe just casually ate from the horse feed right along with the horses as Tate tried to walk up to her.

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Elite Hunter: Deer Stand Location Tips

Just because deer season is pretty much over in a majority of the country doesn’t mean it’s time to stop thinking about it. Now’s the time to take some of your most important steps towards success for next season. Our number one rule is to reduce human pressure in your…

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