Endless Season Outdoors Podcast Episode 2

Endless Season Outdoors Podcast – Episode 2: Come along for a great conversation as Tyler Mahoney of Truman Lake Fishing Intel and Jeff Faulkenberry of Endless Season Guide Service talk hunting and fishing and discuss some of the latest happenings going on in the outdoor world around Missouri! Topics include shed hunting, elk season, bear season, MDC classes, deer hunting, fishing around Truman, gear reviews, Grizzly Jig show, and more! Let us know what else you want us to discuss in the future!

We’ll be shooting video of our Endless Season Outdoors podcast episodes and also posting the audio only as well on the major podcasting platforms. Topics covered will be just like what the name implies. All things hunting and fishing every season of the year.

We are super excited to get this going and hope you enjoy it! Let us know what topics you want to see more of and what you like the most. As we get more of the equipment in, we’ll have guests and much more to show you. For now, the video podcast will be available at all Mahoney Outdoors Brand outlets including Truman Lake Fishing Intel, and on the Endless Season Guide Service Facebook page.

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