Endless Season Podcast Episode 7: Part 2 with Truman Lake Biologist

Come along to watch Tyler Mahoney of Truman Lake Fishing Intel and Jeff Faulkenberry of Endless Season Guide Service do the Part 2 interview with Truman Lake Fisheries Management Biologist, Chris Brooke! Tons of great info all about Truman Lake including detailed data on walleye, hybrids, and spoonbill, along with answering viewer questions from Part 1. You can watch here or at listen to the audio version wherever you get your podcasts like iTunes or Spotify. You can also listen to the audio versions of the podcasts on the mahoneyoutdoors.com/podcast page!

We are super excited to shoot this every month this year and hope you enjoy it! Let us know what topics you want to see more of and what you like the most. For now, the video podcast will be available at all Mahoney Outdoors Brand outlets including Truman Lake Fishing Intel, and on the Endless Season Guide Service Facebook page. The audio version is available wherever you get your podcasts!

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