Elk City Lake: Insane Surprise Catch while trolling

On our day at Elk City Lake, it was very windy. Too windy for my little 16 foot boat. There was no way we were going to be able to cast or jig for crappie like we hoped. So for the limited time we had, we decided to troll along some of the windy points and see what happened.

In the first hour, we landed a gar, a carp, and a drum on flicker shad. Definitely not what we were looking for, but still fun nonetheless. So we continued our path a ways out from the bank. We were in 10 feet of water when I snagged onto something. I tugged, but it wouldn’t budge. So I turned the boat around and headed to it, hoping to save my lure. As we got closer, it felt like it was coming free. Within a few moments, I was jumping for joy that I just didn’t decide to break the lure off. Watch the video and see what we pulled up!

Southeast Kansas has several untapped lakes like Elk City Lake. We had a heck of a day fishing on Big Hill Reservoir chasing crappie and white bass as well. Check out that story before you go!

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