Picture of A Man Longview Lake Fishing

Longview Lake Fishing Report 8-13-18

Longview Lake

I had to use my older GoPro Hero 2 due to forgetting the battery on my newest one, so the quality isn’t as great on this vdieo… Water temps started at 85 degrees around 5:30pm and moved down to just above 83 by about 8pm. Wind was out of the southwest. Threw a “big” ned rig for a little while with only some bluegill taps. Switched to topwater double buzzbait and committed to that the rest of the evening starting around 615. Had 4 good bass bites, missed two. Of the few bites I had, they were consistent. All of them were less than 7 feet of water and relating to big cover – large rocks, logs, trees etc. They were also all in areas that had a hard, rocky bottom. Did not have a single bite around grass or anywhere with a mud bottom. Like I said, I committed to the buzz and didn’t try much else, so not saying they wouldn’t have hit something else along the grass. Not a bad night on Longview Lake, which isn’t known for being the best largemouth bass fishery.

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