Mahoney Outdoors Crew Joins Podcast

The Thinking Woodsman Podcast

Near the end of February, both Ryan Miloshewski and I joined the The Thinking Woodsman podcast with Tim Kjellesvik. Tim has quite a following, and has contributed to many outdoor media sources. He even works with the Drurys to help produce content for their website as well.

We were humbled to accept his invitation and had a blast on one of his special “Shootin’ the Breeze” episodes. Throughout the course of the conversation, we spoke about how Mahoney Outdoors began, what deer hunting experiences we had this past fall, and also what impact millenials are having in the outdoor world.

Even if you don’t hunt or fish, you will most certainly enjoy some laughs and maybe even hear an interesting perspective you hadn’t though about before!

Be sure to check The Thinking Woodsman out online and on social media as well and give Tim a follow! He is a wealth of information, and pretty funny too!


Click the picture below to be directed to the podcast player!

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