Grandson helps Grandpa catch giant rainbow trout

Payden Hays was just hoping to help his Grandpa, George Hays, catch his first rainbow trout on Lake Taneycomo in Branson, MO this past weekend. George has fished his whole life, but at 86 years old, had never caught a trout. After multiple trips on Lake Taneycomo, Payden was confident he could change that and wanted to share in the memory.

After launching the boat from Lilley’s Landing Resort and Marina, they successfully had George on the board with his first trout near Monkey Island. When fishing slowed there, they decided to make a run down lake to a spot Payden hadn’t really tried before. It turns out that was a heck of a decision.

Immediately, Payden hooked into and broke off an absolute giant rainbow trout that was pushing double digits. His grandpa decided to get in on the action shortly after. As the video shows, it was a tense couple of minutes, but they successfully landed George’s second trout ever, a whopper weighing 3 pounds, 13 ounces.

Longview Lake Fishing Report 8-13-18

Longview Lake

I had to use my older GoPro Hero 2 due to forgetting the battery on my newest one, so the quality isn’t as great on this vdieo… Water temps started at 85 degrees around 5:30pm and moved down to just above 83 by about 8pm. Wind was out of the southwest. Threw a “big” ned rig for a little while with only some bluegill taps. Switched to topwater double buzzbait and committed to that the rest of the evening starting around 615. Had 4 good bass bites, missed two. Of the few bites I had, they were consistent. All of them were less than 7 feet of water and relating to big cover – large rocks, logs, trees etc. They were also all in areas that had a hard, rocky bottom. Did not have a single bite around grass or anywhere with a mud bottom. Like I said, I committed to the buzz and didn’t try much else, so not saying they wouldn’t have hit something else along the grass. Not a bad night on Longview Lake, which isn’t known for being the best largemouth bass fishery.

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