Primos Surroundview Blind Product Review

Part 1: Primos Surroundview Blind Product Review

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The Primos Surroundview Blind comes in three different models, the 180, 270, and 360. I purchased the 270 model. The general concept of all three blinds is to utilize the technology of a one way mirror in the wall fabric of the blind. You can’t see in, but you have an amazing view of the entire scene out.

If all the windows are closed, you basically can’t see through the fabric at all. If you choose to hunt with a window open, be aware of your blind placement. It will need to have a solid backdrop and brushed in ideally so animals can’t see your silhouette inside. When you watch the video, it will become easy to see the challenge I’m speaking about.

The video sums everything up quite well, but a simple pros and cons list should help too.


  • One-way mirror, see through walls concept: obviously that is what makes the blind such a game-changer. You can see everything around you, instead of having to peak out through windows to look around in all the blind spots.
  • Sturdy hub system: the support poles and joints of the blind appear to be the strongest yet and seem much more difficult to break than previous designs I used.
  • Strong blind material/easy set-up: the fabric is very tough. I don’t see it being easy to tear. It makes set-up a little challenging on your first few tries, but once you get the hang of it, it goes quickly. It was also very surprising to see how the walls, which are made up of thousands of perforated holes, actually prevented a significant amount of wind from entering the blind. I’m looking forward to seeing how it holds up in the rain.
  • Internal space: lots of room for two people, but three might be pushing it. If you utilize smaller chairs, you will be feeling very cozy.
  • Filming hunts: because of the see-through wall design, you have pretty decent filming capabilities without having to open up a completely clear window. The more you zoom in on your target, the more it will degrade the video as it has difficulty focusing on the wall fabric vs. the animal.


  • Price: the blinds are a little expensive, but I understand it to a certain degree due to the revolutionary design. The 360 retails for $499, 270 for $399, and 180 for $299.
  • Carrying case: is cheap quality and does not have a full length zipper. This requires you to stuff the blind into the bag from one end and puts a lot of pressure on the seam at the top, causing it to rip. Mine ripped about 8-10 inches the first two times I put the blind away.
  • Black window covers: the window fabric is different from the wall fabric. Instead of keeping the same see through wall technology on the window covers, Primos went with solid black window covers. I don’t fully understand that decision, and hope they change that in the future. Obviously it creates spots that you can’t see through, which doesn’t make sense because that’s the whole point of the blind. Additionally, it’s not camouflage on the outside of the blind, so the black windows stand out against the camo walls. I just don’t understand that thought process.

For the price, I think Primos skimped on the quality of the carrying bag. It amazes me they didn’t go with a full length zipper bag. In less than 2 days of owning my blind, I had already ripped the carrying bag about 10 inches trying to stuff it back in from the top. There’s really no way to avoid this.

The solid black window covers are baffling to me as well. They don’t go along with the whole point of the blind, which is to see through the entire wall.

With that said, overall I am incredibly happy with the purchase of my Primos Surroundview 270 blind. It will make my hunts a lot more fun, and hopefully a lot more successful. The Surroundview claims to be “the blind without a blind spot”. I would say that statement is very accurate. Instead of peaking through small slits in the blind windows, I can see everything that is happening around me. My hope is that it will help me be more prepared with my gun or bow at the ready when my quarry steps out into view. If you’ve turkey hunted enough out of blinds, you are well-aware how those gobblers can sometimes just pop out on you without you having any warning. This blind will help you see that before it surprises you.

Tyler Mahoney is a Rockhurst University-educated outdoors fanatic. Some people work to make a living, but he works to support his hunting and fishing habits. Be sure to subscribe for more next-generation insight to the outdoors!