SNEAK PEEK: Mahoney Outdoors Magazine Issue 3

Hello to all of our loyal Mahoney Outdoors subscribers!

We wanted to let you know the third issue of the Mahoney Outdoors Online Magazine is very close to release!  We have been working diligently over the past two months to create, gather, and organize a diverse content base that is sure to be educational and entertaining!

From turkey hunting tips and videos to advice on finding shed antlers, this coming issue has it all!  You’ll get to read wonderful stories like “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait,” which tells of Tyler Mahoney’s two year long pursuit of a legendary buck called “Big Boy.” Furthermore, if you’ve ever dreamed of hunting Alaska or travelling down to Florida to hunt gators, you’ll want to check out two other feature articles in the upcoming issue: “Hunting Alaska: a Guide’s Perspective” and “King of the Canal.”  You’ll also get to learn a great recipe for pheasants and turkeys and hear what it’s like to do a “Day Hike in Denver.”

It’s not all about hunting though!  Ray Kiel’s “Trolling for Crappie: Part II,” John Neporadny’s “Winter Bass Fishing,” and Ryan Miloshewski’s in-depth look at “Urban Trout Fishing Opportunities in Missouri” will provide some great insight and valuable knowledge to any avid angler!

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Here’s a sneak peek from “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.”

As the rain carried on, I received a call from my dad, who was sitting a few hundred yards away.  Both of us were concerned that there might be lightning nearby.  But at 8:25 in the morning on opening day of rifle season, it just seemed too early to give up.  Out of nowhere, I spotted a buck skirting the edge of the field in the thick brush.  I got my gun up and could see he was big, but there was no clear shot.  Still on the phone, I informed my dad I had to go.  I grabbed my Primos Buck Roar tube and Estrus Doe Bleat and tried to turn the buck my way.  I started with two bleats and then worked in a tending grunt call as I bleated a couple more times. 

Three minutes passed, nothing appeared, and I figured he had moved on.  I called my dad back to tell him about the encounter.  As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I looked to my right and there the buck stood, not 50 yards away.  I set the phone down and put the scope on the rack to see which one it was, still able to hear my dad’s voice coming from the speaker.  After two years of constantly analyzing trail camera photos, there was no doubt which one he was…the Big Boy.

Although I had the video camera with me, I didn’t think twice about it.  I wasn’t going to risk missing this opportunity.  My dad’s voice became non-existent.  It was just me and the Big Boy now.   I put the crosshairs behind his shoulder.  The rain poured down.  8:28AM.

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