Spot On Food Plots makes your food plots better

I recently came across a new, small seed company out of Stockton, MO called Spot On Food Plots. I’m excited to be supporting a local company and trying them out this year! We’ve been planting food plots for years, using all kinds of mixes and getting them from all kinds of sources.

Some years we buy seed in bulk from grain elevators, and many other years, I peruse the shelves of Bass Pro and other farm stores like Orscheln’s or Tractor Supply to see what kind food plot mix is available. When it comes to the store bought stuff, I’ve had mixed results.

For example, one thing I’ve noticed is that in some years, the blend barely even grew. This was after spraying, fertilizing, disking, etc. We did everything right, and even got the rain we needed, yet the seed didn’t come up. This has happened with some rather popular seed brands, too. The only thing I could think of was maybe the seed was old. Who know how long it sat on the shelf before I bought it. Maybe it was left over from the year before.

Regardless, Spot On Food Plots resolves that problem and then some. Their seed is certified fresh, and each order is literally hand packed. You know it’s fresh that way!

But one of the biggest differences you’ll find with Spot on Food Plots is the way they package their seed. Instead of the mix of seed all coming in one big bag, the company packages the different sized seed separately. What happens with other blends is that you have to open the spreader door a wider distance to accommodate the larger seed. Gravity will pull the smaller seed out faster, creating an uneven distribution i.e. your food plot doesn’t cover as much ground as you thought it should have.

We are excited to be trying them out this year, especially since it is supporting a local company near our farm. We planted several things including Chicory, Trophy Rape, Triticale, Purple Top Turnips, and the “Rut Greens” mix from their website. Things are already looking good since we planted in mid-August!

With the added rain we received in the last week, I expect things to really take off and start filling in very well!

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Watch the video below to see how they do things differently.

Be sure to visit Spot On Food Plots on their website and Facebook Page. They also have a Facebook Group discussing all things deer hunting and food plots.

Spot on Food Plots Website, Spot on Food Plots Facebook page, Midwest Whitetails and Food Plots

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