Subscription Tackle Boxes: Are they worth it?

A question I’ve seen multiple times across social media is, “Are subscription tackle boxes worth the money I’m paying for them?”

Personally, my view is yes. Some disagree. It seems that anglers are split roughly 50/50 on this topic. Allow me to elaborate why I find value in subscription tackle boxes.

First off, you should know that I am a tackle junkie. I’ve tried every fishing lure under the sun looking for the best production and quality, and I’ve even tried out a gimmick lure or two. The subscription tackles box services feed into that. I’ve tried Mystery Tackle Box, Lucky Tackle Box, Sixth Sense, and most recently, MONSTERBASS.

When I first discovered subscription tackle boxes, I thought, “wow, who wouldn’t enjoy receiving a box each month chock-full of fishing goodness?!”

It’s like Christmas morning every month. The surprise of what you will receive is half the fun of it.

Secondly, the boxes are helpful for all skill levels of anglers. They can help newbies avoid the trouble of choosing amongst the thousands of tackle options out there. It also exposes anglers to new techniques they may not have considered.

By default, subscription tackle box companies automatically force you out of your comfort zone to expand your knowledge and skillset. This could be new techniques, or simply just a new brand or variation of a classic.

There have been days and times where my “tried and true”, go-to lures haven’t produced, but something “new and foreign” has boated fish for me.

Some may say, “just take that money and buy what you want.”

But for someone entering this sport of fishing, the aisles at your favorite sporting goods retailer can be very overwhelming and confusing. All the different styles, colors, and variations can be daunting even for experienced anglers, let alone beginners.

In the end, it really boils down to what you think is best for you. If you try it and don’t like it, it’s easy to cancel. Just remember, some lures are designed to catch fish and some to catch fisherman. The fun part is figuring out which is which.

I was pretty skeptical at first, but after trying a few, I was pretty happy I did. 

Happy fishing and tight lines friends!

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