New Contributor to Mahoney Outdoors

Mahoney Outdoors has multiple content creators that have contributed since we started. I’m excited to announce that we will have another new contributor producing stories and video content on a regular basis. Thomas Wicker, an Independence, MO native, will be providing next generation insight on all things hunting and fishing, and focusing specifically on Lee’s Summit Area Fishing.

His experience and expertise will allow our followers to learn many new tricks to their fishing arsenal, whether they are a beginner or more advanced in skill level.

Thomas was born in Natchez, Mississippi, but moved to Kansas City at a very young age. His formative years were spent in the Raytown area, graduating from Raytown High School in 2003. He attended trade school and graduated with a focus in heavy equipment operations. He was recently married to wife, Clarissa, and has a son, Tylan, who is seven. Thomas enjoys getting them out on the water every chance he gets.

The outdoors have been a big part of Thomas’ life since he was young. His mother, who Thomas considers his biggest mentor, often mentioned it just ran in the family bloodline. His dad was a professional fisherman who competed against famous names like Bill Dance, Hank Parker, and Roland Martin, among many others.

While hunting was something Thomas was drawn to in high school, he loved fishing more and eventually had to look into the economics of both hobbies after graduation. He decided it would be more affordable to focus on one or the other, and it was no doubt what it would be. Fishing.

Growing up, Thomas absorbed as much information as he could, beginning with the fishing shows on TV every Saturday morning. He’d even take notes from the shows and memorize what the pros were talking about. But most of all, he gained his extensive knowledge from putting his skills to the test through trial and error.

As he gained experience, Thomas focused in on bass and crappie the most. His boat is filled with boxes full of every bait imaginable for either species.

Locally, he enjoys fishing Prairie Lee Lake in Lee’s Summit, MO. When he gets the chance, he loves to chase crappie on Truman Lake. Lake of the Ozarks is also a favorite destination for  him when targeting largemouth.

Although Thomas has years of experience, he still considers himself a student in the fishing game. Fishing scenarios and situations have endless variables, which provides a constant challenge. He loves adapting his strategies from previous experiences to figure out the situation at hand.

“The most important thing is to stay humble in this sport,” he said.  “The minute you lose that, mother nature will remind you of who is in charge.”

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