Tandem Fly Outfitters offering all inclusive fishing packages

Have you ever wondered how you could replicate the experience of a Canada fishing trip that everyone rants and raves about, but without breaking the bank? Luckily, there is an answer. Tandem Fly Outfitters on Stockton Lake is located in southwest Missouri and is now providing an all-inclusive package for anglers that includes the lodging, meals, and of course, spectacular guided fishing trips.

“Our reasoning for offering packages like this is simple,” Kris Nelson, who owns Tandem Fly Outfitters, said. “To build the relationship with our customers and give them the best experience they can get.”

“We don’t want to just meet you at the boat ramp and say bye at the end of the day. We value getting to know you and want to give you the most opportunities for great fishing.”

Nelson operates the guide service from Stone Creek Lodge in Stockton, MO. His location is just two and a half hours from Kansas City, MO and Fayetteville, AR, three hours from Tulsa, OK, and four hours from St. Louis, MO and Wichita, KS.

Tandem Fly Outfitters’ unique location allows for anglers to replicate that memorable “Canada-like” trip of a lifetime without the lengthy travel, or the price. You can expect outstanding fishing, too.

Nelson, along with guide, Cole Boyd, have been fishing the lake for years. Their daily experience on the water helps them find the fish quick and your limits soon after.

Crappie fishing is excellent throughout the year. There is an abundant population of largemouth bass, along with trophy smallmouth in the lower portion of the lake. The white bass fishing has come on strong in recent years, especially in the later summer months.

Perhaps the most exciting fishing opportunity on Stockton Lake is the prospect of catching walleye in large numbers and quality. The lake is consistently considered Missouri’s top walleye fishery. During the spawn, anglers can be seen lining the dam like it’s opening day of trout season. But the month of June proves to be one of the most productive times of the year to catch your limits of walleye.

“Crazy enough, we actually have guys coming down from Canada and the northern US to fish with us here during the walleye spawn in the spring when they still have ice on the water,” Nelson stated. “But other times like early summer can be something special down here, too.”

Both Nelson and Boyd make it a personal point to take care of everything for their clients while on the boat. You literally won’t have to do anything except catch the fish. Once you land it, they hand you another rod so you can keep fishing while they take care of the rest. If you’re used to being the one who always takes care of tying lures, baiting hooks, undoing snags, and cleaning fish, you’ll love fishing with these guys.

“We want you to come fish and not worry about any of the ‘work’ associated with fishing like tying lines or taking fish off the hook,” Nelson said. “That’s the only way I know how to do it because that’s the service I would want if I was going on a guide trip.”

If you purchase one of the outfitting packages, expect to cap off your night after a day of fishing with a tasty meal and great company. They sure are good with the grill and smoker, and are more than happy to cook up some of the fish you brought back from the water. If you time it right in the spring, usually the second week of April, you just might have the opportunity to roam the banks for some fresh morel mushrooms as well.

What might be most impressive about the whole thing is the price. For all inclusive packages, Tandem Fly Outfitters requires a two-person minimum and offers the following prices:

  • 2 day package: $225 per person per day
  • 3 day package: $225 per person per day
  • 4 day package: $200 per person per day

Why spend well over a thousand dollars or more going to Canada, when you can find the same type of experience right in the Midwest? Tandem Fly Outfitters should be on your radar for a premier fishing experience.

To book your trip, check them out at their website and social media pages:

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