Mahoney Outdoors Crew Joins Podcast

The Thinking Woodsman Podcast Near the end of February, both Ryan Miloshewski and I joined the The Thinking Woodsman podcast with Tim Kjellesvik. Tim has quite a following, and has contributed to many outdoor media sources. He even works with the Drurys to help produce content for their website as well. We were humbled to …

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KDWPT Commission Meeting about Pet Deer

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism held their most recent commission meeting on January 5th. During the meeting, the pet deer shooting incident is addressed. The homeowner starts the discussion about her pet deer shortly after the 20 minute mark. She spoke about her family’s relationship with the deer and the unprofessional conduct …

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If you want to know what makes hunters look really bad, read this story from This type of article totally fuels the fire for anti-hunters. The story covers a video where a 12 year old boy, guided by his adult dad, arrows 2 deer at once. Watch the video below To further explain, this shot scenario is … Makes Hunters Look Bad Read More »