Lake Taneycomo trout are biting

This past weekend, my good friend, Payden Hays, and I trekked down to Branson for a weekend of trout fishing on Lake Taneycomo. I was excited because the fishing had been good lately according to reports. I was also very interested to see how my new boat, an old 1961…

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Lake Taneycomo Renewed My Love of Fishing

When I was in grade school, fishing was a daily part of my life. Most of my evenings and weekends were spent on the banks of the small pond behind my childhood home. The bass and crappie must have hated me because I fished the pond so much. I loved…

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Trout Fishing Lake Taneycomo

The trout fishing at Lake Taneycomo has been nothing short of spectacular all summer long. On a recent trip in August, Ryan Miloshewski and I, along with our friend Zach Behlmann, absolutely hammered the fish. Although the water wasn’t running Saturday morning, the area just above Monkey Island produced quantities…

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Snake in the Rocky Mountains

You see a lot of wild things when you’re off the grid in the Rocky Mountains, but one day Tony Caldarello found something he never expected to see high in the mountains – a snake! Being the adventurous person he is, he obviously had to pick it up and get a quick picture with it. Check out the scenery where he’s at! The landscape around Budge’s Flattops Wilderness Lodge can’t be put into words.

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